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365 Challenge

The arrogance of youth(job 32-37)

Wesley Skinner

The plight of my generation is our arrogance! This is a disease I have suffered from for many years. Elihu gives us another shining example. 

Elihu waited through 30+ chapters of Job's cry for God to speak, only to have three friends attempt to convince him of sin in his life. When Job's responses prove suffificient, then enters the young guy. Indignant that the old guys couldn't prove him wrong, Elihu, begins his arrogant barrage. 

In true youthful form, Elihu, begins by stating how patient and respectful he has been, then gives the longest discourse in the book. It reminds me of the way I can be far too often, I listen only for how I can arrange my counter argument. This again further reinforces, something I need to learn, I don't have all the answers! I need to learn to stop listening through other people while I wait on my turn to speak. 

Two question that keep coming up while I read Job: 

1. Did his friends actually want to be there for him? Or just be there to point out his sin? 

2. How often do I talk too much? When should I just be present and let that be sufficient?