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365 Challenge

Into the darkness(Gen 18-21:7)

Wesley Skinner

God's story in Genesis has begun to follow one chosen man, the man through whom all nations would be blessed, Abraham. The bible is a book that shows us lives of people who were perfect and followed God perfectly, right? Wrong. Abraham lies about his wife, twice, Sarah doubts God, Lot chooses a land of depravity, his wife longs for sin rather than deliverance, his daughters get him drunk and sleep with him. These are some dark days we won't see arise again until the book of Judges. 

As we dive into the darkness we also see light. For the first time we see man plead with God on behalf of others. After God tells Abraham about the coming destruction of Sodom, Abraham boldly lobbies with God for mercy. We didn't see Noah do this. but Abraham knows God's heart and knows He is good. That He desires life not death. And I think this pleased God. I think God knew that by telling Abraham what He would do, Abraham would intercede. So we have our first example of man, going before God on behalf of others. This helps me remember when things look dark, God is good and desires good not harm. Who should you be interceding with God for?

one other thing I want to mention today is Lot's wife. I have no idea what's going on with the pillar of salt thing, but I think what is captured here represents all of us in our sin habits. As they leave Sodom, she looks back. Maybe it was just a glance, maybe it wasn't. Sometimes I wonder if it might have been a heart issue. Sin is something that as you leave, it pulls you back. To me this story paints a picture of salvation. God provides deliverance and offers it to us freely, but if our heart is not truly changed we will find ourselves longing for that life of sin. This looks like the same story to me as Genesis 4, "sin is crouching at your door, it's desire is to have you but you must conquer it." Sin undealt with will consume you. 

Random observationf the day: Sodom and Gomorrah were cities of "the plain", the plain of Shinar where the Tower of Babel was being constructed. 

Bonus random observation: the incestuous children of Lot become the enemies of the people of God Moabites and Ammonites.